Court Day

October 1, 2018

I am sad to say that my son attempted two back-to-back car jackings using physical assault since his very first serious offense and arrest, just (6) six short months ago, back in February. When I was first notified of this, my initial response was anger and I didn’t want to see or speak to him. I told folks I wouldn’t be attending any court hearings either. Then a couple of days after his arrest, his attorney contacted me to give me an update on his meeting with my son Noah. He told me that Noah looked very down and depressed. Something was very wrong and very different from his first round of encountering him for defense. He them told me that if It would be his advise for me to rethink my withdrawing from my son at a such a crucial time because he was very concerned for Noah’s mental health.

So there I sat in juvenile court this morning for about (3) three hours awaiting my 17 year old son Noah’s court hearing.   He’s been sitting his pretty butt downtown in juvenile hall since August 22nd, 2018 (5 weeks) now.  It’s been a long wait as he’s been referred to and finally accepted  into the drug/mental health court.  Just getting him a screening for consideration for this special court was a time consuming process which I pushed for because now with this being his 2nd serious offense, just 6 months after his very 1st serious offense, it was crystal clear to me that my boy has some mental issues that needed to be evaluated and treated as soon as possible so that no one else in the public or at home gets hurt.

After speaking to many professionals in the juvenile departments, it was agreed that my son would most likely be suitable for a CITA program, where he could come home and get family support to ensure that he gets the mental health and substance abuse treatment he needs. More importantly,  to avoid future violent occurrences.

You see, here we sit in court today because my son was at a peak in his Manic episode and acted on his illogical impulses. I only know now this now after his extensive Psych Evaluation and internet searches. (See my post- Shocking Diagnosis)

Let me rewind for a second, back in February, that 1st time, my boy Noah, who hardly ever hangs out with anyone, decided to go hang out with a school friend to watch a movie at the theater (Black Panthers). Shortly after they left the theatre, his friend pulled out a gun and shot at another “friend” in a crowded public area there in the movie parking lot.

This incident was very confusing for me because, you see,  I had just had spoken to my son Noah just minutes before this shooting and he was there waiting for me to pick him up for a dinner. Instead, as I pull up, I see a person lying very still, with his face down on the ground. I drive passed a few feet and see police officers pushing my son into the back of a police car!!! What the heck?!&&$#%*^*+.   I remember My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. There was instant panic running through my every cell.  I prayed that my son wasn’t responsible for the man down on the ground lying what I thought was lifeless.   Thank God, the victim turned out to be shot in his leg and he is alive and well today.

So during that first round of court hearings, I was told that for a minor to have no trouble in school and no record of prior police contact or arrests, who goes on to commit a serious violent crime as his first offense; points to either drug use or mental illness. (Or both). I was in utter shock. I was mildly in denial then, however, now I know that they were absolutely correct.

For now this hearing was continued and he remains in custody until probation completes their transfer to this new CITA probation officer who will give the final say as to when he can be released.

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