Don’t take it personal!

You say I get defensive anytime you bring up my kids.  You’re right,  I do get Defensive but please know, I’m not ever mad at you, My tone changes because I already constantly feel like the shittiest mother in the world and anytime you (or anyone else)  brings  up my sons in conversation, I feel even worse. I feel like my parenting is being judged.  

Trust me when I say that I am already hard on myself. I am my worst critic and I just really don’t want any added criticism.  Mothering alone, trying to raise boys into men, is an  extremely difficult job.  The hardest job and heaviest responsibility I’ve ever had, Ever! 

 My Love, this is why I’ve told you to not to take my moods personal. And please, please, know that I am never mad at you.

 I apologize for getting snappy when you bring up the boys.  I will work on that for sure.  It’s just hard not to get defensive when I hear conviction in your words and this makes me feel judged by you. 

I Love, LOVE You. 

You are the reason I’m inspired to go on to each new day.  You are the only constant joy I’ve had in this lifetime. 

 Like I said, this past year has been dark and painful for me and it means the Universe to me that you are here with me, by my side.

It is absolutely invaluable that I have a man like you by my side and I am going to be Forever grateful to you.

Baby, these dark days,   They too shall pass!

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