Anxiety Sings

There are NO Accidents in Life and may you notice the Synchronicity in your daily paths.

Yesterday, I spontaneously stopped in the nail bar to get my manicure where they were playing Youtube clips from “America’s Got Talent” a particular showing of a young singer, who battles mental illness, shakily shared her touching story of her personal struggle with her debilitating mental illness.  Her story  and songs brought me to tears that I can now cry.  I watched it at least four times…. If you’d also like to find some comforting inspiration, please take a minute to hear her talented and beautiful voice sing bravely.   She was able to put her tortuous symptoms into lyrics.  I saved two short clips in my playlist  at the bottom of this post.

I had a very personal blog I had sitting in my drafts, that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share at all, however, Anna Clendening was a Great Inspiration for me to go ahead and click the “Publish” button to share a little of my own story in my blog titled: Exhumed Past-Forced Look into My Own Mirror”

Brave Anna Clendening Clips- on Mental Illness: Trigger warning Suicide

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