House of Mirrors

I was NOT going to make this blog public. I created this blog for myself to use as a ‘Diary’ containing the uncut and raw details of my Life’s newfound experiences of two of my sons mental illness disorders; Schizophrenia Depressive and Schizo Affective-Bipolar 1.

I figured the “Cloud” would be a safe place to unload my days with each of my Newly diagnosed Sons’ struggles, challenges, treatments, symptoms and episodes with their recently diagnosed Mental Illnesses. A safe place to post my private thoughts as I process my (our) new reality.

Also, quickly realized that the people in my life, family and friends alike, cannot fully empathize or support me or my sons in the way that we need in these dark times. I honestly don’t expect them too, as I myself trying my best to understand all of this.

Anyhow, I decided to go ahead and publicly publish my blog to share with all of you, in hopes not only for a sense of support but I’m bigger hopes that I could be of some sort of help to others sharing similar life paths. Even if my posts are just a loud reminder that you’re not alone, then my purpose here is served.

In my ‘House of Mirrors’, I have created a separate “room” within my blog for each son;

‘Joey’s Room will have his actual events of his Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective with Depression.

And Noah’s Room’ will have his actual events of his Schizoaffective _ BiPolar 1 with Anxiety disorder.

I also created a “room” for myself, ‘Mom’s Room’, where I will post my emotional experiences and my perspective of their mental illness as I see it. My rants and raves.

2 thoughts on “House of Mirrors”

  1. I love that you are sharing your story! It hits close to home! My youngest brother had initial stages of Psychosis as soon as he hit 16yrs of age he’s been on medication since then! My mom’s been struggling and persevering through! You’re definitely a strong mom! You’re story will definitely help many not feel alone! 🌏


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